Global Robot Parts Outlook

There are several reasons responsible for such an awesome rise in the demand. The most important one is the price trend which has been quite consistent over the past few years. Price of the Robotics products is also dependent upon the manufacturing process, type, size and design of the product. So there are several marketing channels through which you can avail the Robot Parts.

Based on the research report, the six key regions that drive the global robot parts market include North America, Middle East, Asia, Germany and Eastern Europe. The demand for the Robotics products is increasing in these regions since they are manufacturing companies that have a local presence and their product is easily available in these regions. For example, Toyota, Nissan and Honda are the manufacturing companies which have a good network of dealers in the Middle East. In case if your company deals in automotive components, then the automotive dealers would be the right choice because they have a good access to the raw material and this enables them to offer the best price to the end user.

The demand for the global robot parts

Based on the forecast, it is observed that the sales of the global robots are increasing in the next four years. The forecast further states that by 2021, it is estimated that sales would cross the $20 billion mark. With the predicted growth in the global markets, it is expected that the key players will enter into a fierce competition. For the sake of the forecast, it is important for the managers to develop the marketing strategies in order to gain advantage over their competitors. One of the main reasons why the forecast is predicted to hit the target figure by 2021, is because of the growing IT-BPO scenario in the north America.

Based on the analysis done by the IDC, it is said that by the end of the next five years, the growth of the IT-BPO sector will lead to the entry of seven companies in the top twenty of the world’s largest industrial robot manufacturers. These companies are CNC-Matic, Good Manufacturing Solutions, iRobot, Kuka Robotics and Unwired Labs. According to the IDC, the next five years will witness the entry of two additional players who are also developing mobile industrial robots. These companies are iRobot and Kuka Robotics. The forecast further states that by the end of the ten years of the current global recession, there will be four key players that will form the IT-BPO quartet. By then, it is anticipated that there will be a total of eighteen key players in the market.

Based on the regional analysis, it is found that the best location to locate a high volume producer of robotic components is the Midwest region. This is followed by the Pacific Northwest, the South East and the North West regions. Thereafter, the United States Midwest region, which includes the lower 48 states, is the next best location. The global robot parts market will touch a high gear in the next two to five years, as more robotic components manufacturers start setting up base in the US. In order to reap the benefits, the topmost priority should be given to setting up a research and development wing in the region to exploit the opportunities.